Pink Bag Program


The Wabash Valley Breast Cancer Survivors, Inc. has an education and support program called, "A Breast Cancer Patient's Coping Kit." This is for all breast cancer surgical patients at the local hospitals. The surgeons and oncologists hand these out to the patients when the diagnosis is made.

As survivors, we understand the anxieties and the questions a new patient may have. Hopefully, the content of the kit will help both educationally and psychologically.

In the kit, we have information on where to get new free wigs, how to care for them, where to get free turbans, and where to get prostheses. New bras and prostheses are paid for by insurance companies.

Also, in the kit are many helpful items.

We make the soft, pink pillows which are great to place under the affected arm after surgery to relieve the pressure of your arm or any pain or discomfort.

We make the washable drainage bags for use after surgery for the drainage tubes and to take home to use when leaving the hospital.

We make the pink, soft covers for the car seatbelt strap to help protect the side of the surgery. It is best to wear the Velcro side away from the body.

We make the pink satin pillowcase to use when hair is lost due to chemotherapy. This is softer for the head when it is sore from the hair loss.

A folder contains much information on coping, guide for chemotherapy patients, information on protecting the hand and arm after surgery, and other pertinent information.

The pamphlet provides information about our organization and the program listing for this year. Telephone numbers are on the pamphlet, so feel free to contact someone for peer support at any time. We have traveled the path. We understand.